What Does it Mean to Find Strength in Comfort?

What Does it Mean to Find Strength in Comfort?

By: Karlee Hehemann, Copywriter


When talking about comfortable clothes, many different thoughts come to mind. You might think about your favorite go-to sweats. Or maybe your ‘bad day’ outfit you pull on that never fails to lift your mood. You may even think about the color palettes that encompass your personality perfectly. As you follow these thoughts, you visualize what comfort means to you. Afterall, you know yourself best. To US, that knowledge is a form of strength. 

We believe there is strength in comfort… Soft, seamless support that’s almost unnoticeable, because it fits right in with your everyday. This is the feeling we want to capture every time you pull on a piece from US. 

We never ask anyone to change to fit our brand, and we’ll never ask that of you. We’re not here to distract or outshine you, just serve as a backdrop to your life. A consistent, quality-made support to your wardrobe, your style, your expression… your full experience of self. 

These are the pieces made for forever. Intentionally designed with all the elements you need to support you: quiet softness, easy flexibility, and just enough stretch. No fleeting frills and no deceiving fronts. Just really comfortable pieces you can find yourself wearing day after day. 

So that your clothing can serve as a canvas for who you are. Just as you are. Always.


Facade, by Amelia Simone Herbert
 Let my words be my face...
the imprint that persists.
The foil revealing my facets to the world.
Not features nor physical form.
What I fathom will survive me.
Fixate on my fancies...
not my fleeting frills
Give forever to my feelings
Not my feminine fabric
For what will remain is not my frame, 
But the fruit housed within
Forget my front 
Remember my freight


We worked with a team of creatives to capture an unpolished, authentic glimpse into the lives of people embracing rest and comfort during this time - finding space to restore. In this space, we are simply the supportive character in the backdrop of all of Us. As we are.


Rikki (accent on the i) Wright - Director 

Rikk(i) is a Los Angeles based Photographer whose work explores notions of community and sisterhood, especially among women of color. She explores the way a community can mold or expand ideas of femininity and masculinity, strength, and beauty. Her work also investigates beauty politics and desire through self portrait photography and various other mediums. Wright enjoys working with brands and people whose purpose is aligned with authenticity and honesty. Whether she is photographing beauty or social injustice, she strives to tell a story that springs from the truth of lived experience.


Amelia Simone Herbert - Poet

Amelia is a Rahway, New Jersey native, self-published author, and experienced educator. Herbert taught in Newark public schools for eight years, and is currently working in higher education at Colgate University. Her chapbook of poems and short stories, Contagious Acts of Freedom (2013), illustrated by artist Margaux Joffe, is a short collection of poems and memoirs documenting a range of moments on the author's personal journey to freedom. It shows that even the tiniest acts of expression can be daring demonstrations of self-determination amidst the confining forces of our World.


Davia Spain 

Davia Spain is a multi-disciplinary, multi-medium artist. Through live performances, she creates ever-changing, tempestuous experiences. Supported by some of Los Angeles’ finest talent - the braggadocios beats of Bapari, the sumptuous scoring of Amanda Yamate, the luxurious work of guitarist Mx.Matias - her sets use minimalist staging and instrumentation to create an experience as soothing as it is inspiring.


Kelly Wood

As third in a generation of hair stylists, Los Angeles native Kelly Wood, grew up surrounded by strong, intelligent women who do hair. This influenced her love for fashion, her love for empowering other women, and of course, love for hair. After attending cosmetology school, winning national awards for her work, and spending years working in salons and on sets, Kelly formed her own business specializing in blowouts, which earned her the title "The Blowout Queen."


Yesika Salgado

Yesika Salgado is a Los Angeles based Salvadoran poet and three time author who writes about her family, her culture, her city, and her brown body. As co-founder of the poetry collective Chingona Fire; Salgado is actively creating safe spaces and visibility for women of color. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Teen Vogue, Univision, CNN, NPR, TEDx, and many digital platforms.


Jessica Schrody

Jessica founded her blog, She Really Had A Baby, in May 2017. It initially started as a creative outlet, where she shared her experiences and insights as a single mother navigating life in Los Angeles. Over time her blog developed into a brand recognized across all social media platforms as a place where mothers come to laugh and relate to the varying pains and satisfactions of motherhood.