The Most Versatile Item in Your Fall Wardrobe Will Probably Surprise You

The Most Versatile Item in Your Fall Wardrobe Will Probably Surprise You

From Netflix-and-chill to coffee meetings and dinner dates, it goes with literally everything in your closet.

As soon as the weather cools down — even just a few degrees — my first instinct is to throw myself into the nether regions of my closet, rip all of my summer clothing off its hangers, and roll out the suitcase I use to keep my fall and winter clothing in storage.

Inside that suitcase? Approximately 25 iterations of my most-treasured cold weather staple: the sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts are often categorized into the section of your wardrobe whose main function is “encase the body in something soft while you lay around and binge-watch Mindhunter.” People associate sweatshirts with the more anti-social facets of life: a lazy weekend where you barely leave your apartment, a sad spiral that results in stalking your ex on social media, a spaghetti stain that just won’t quit. While a few of my sweatshirts are, in fact, designated for dog cuddling and isolation, I’d argue the fashion possibilities of a sweatshirt are actually far more versatile. In fact, there’s no need to even ask yourself how to style it — the question you should be asking is, how can’t you?

Two Universal Standard models

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And the best part? At the end of whatever day you just had, in whichever sweatshirt-oriented outfit you chose, you and your sweatshirt can return to your purest form: Alone, on the couch, without pants. Sweatshirts are the perfect combination of versatility, simplicity, and comfort, and on Sept. 10, Universal Standard has a whole new drop, available in sizes 00 to 40.

There are five styles available in two fabrications custom-designed just for US: Super-soft fleece, and 3D spacer fabric — if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a breathable, moisture-wicking athletic fabric that retains its shape and keeps you warm without overheating.

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Wear a Universal Standard sweatshirt with a satin bias cut skirt and a pair of noteworthy boots, or under a blazer to the office. Wear a hoodie with denim to channel your inner celebrity-caught-by-paparazzi-while-leaving-an-airport, or wear with wide-leg side-stripe pants, and fully lean in to the athleisure trend.

Three Univeral Standard models

Throw a crewneck sweatshirt over a collared twill jumpsuit when a jacket doesn’t feel right, or under denim overalls for an eternal first-day-of-school vibe. When you’re in need of a full look instead of a separate, reach for a sweatshirt dress and add a pair of knee-high boots.

Cropped, oversized, zip-up, hoodies and crewnecks — the versatility of the sweatshirt is something akin to total wardrobe freedom, adding a level of total comfort the way no other layer does. These are the best sweatshirts for fall 2019, and you can shop them here.

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