Did you know our brains slow down when temperatures start to heat up?

According to a recent study, in addition to anecdotal proof, we become lethargic and muddled, and our performance drops off as soon as the weather crosses the threshold from pleasantly warm to uncomfortably hot.

Good news? AC. Bad news? AC.

Situations can turn seriously bleak - fast. As unexpected cold fronts lead to unpredictable predicaments, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Let US help you keep it cool in the cold while staying at the top of your professional and sartorial game.

It’s the AC Survival Guide.

SCENARIO: In T-minus 10 minutes you’re giving a big presentation to your C-Suite on all the ways you’re going to boom the business. You’re prepared with a killer deck and your usual power outfit, only let’s just say it’s a bit… nippy in the conference room. You’ve got two choices: either revert to middle-school style bra stuffing, or...

-As seen here, the subject's body is having an adverse reaction to the office air conditioner

SOLUTION: Carry a Curve Cardi. Keeping an emergency layer at your desk is the equivalent of bringing a second pencil to the SAT - you may not need it immediately, but you’ll be glad you have it if the situation arises. Cardigans also tend to have a chameleon-like quality to them in that they magically conform to what you’re already wearing, which means your outfit isn’t in jeopardy of an awkward addition. This quick fix is not only easy to implement, it ensures you’ll command the room without inviting any Janet Jackson comparisons around the water cooler.

-Now that the subject has put on her Curve Cardi, she no longer worries about any 'nippy' situations.

SCENARIO: You’re hot. You’re cold. You’re hot. You’re cold. Maybe the AC is on the fritz, maybe you’re experiencing early hot flashes, maybe those two colleagues that sit closest to the controls are fighting it out again. Regardless, you’ve got to adapt.

-As seen here, the subject is having a hard time understanding if she is hot or cold.

SOLUTION: Meet the Meridian. The perfect choice for when you can’t make one. Hot-cold confusion can be an extremely disorienting phenomenon that plagues literally tens of people at any given time throughout the summer. Embrace the circumstances and opt for adjustability. With a zipper that goes both ways, the Meridian will keep your torso totally protected regardless of barely detectable temperature changes in your office.

-Now, in the proper layers, the subject can work happily and comfortably.

SCENARIO: A heat wave has struck. Outside it’s a humid 97 degrees - sticky, sweaty, and stinky. Your only solution is to select clothing with the least amount of square inches possible, so you’ve opted for a cami-mini skirt combo. As you slink into the interior of your office, cool air blasts against you and the immediate relief turns into a chill that’s reminiscent of the tundra. You throw on your handy cardi (see Scenario 1), but your legs are left to fend for themselves. You…

- As seen, the subject dressed appropriately for the heatwave, but is often found shivering and covered in goosebumps when faced with the office AC.

SOLUTION: Cover up with a Corbelle. The key to this solution is ingenuity. Engage in some light relativism and you’ll realize the sweatshirt isn’t confined to its definition. In fact it’s not a sweatshirt at all - it just became a blanket. Now, don’t overthink the drape. Simply toss it over the frozen appendages in need. Congratulations! You’ve officially become an innovator and visionary who has joined the ranks of a Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

-Using the sweater, creatively draped as a blanket, the suject can now make her call goosebump free.

SCENARIO: You have a 3 hour planning meeting on your calendar, and it just so happens to be scheduled in the conference room that can double as an ice box. You’ve properly prepared for the planning, but didn’t plan properly for the sub zero conditions. There’s only one apparent answer.

-You can see that the hurricane-like winds are affecting the subject's capabilities to participate properly in the planning meeting.

SOLUTION: Pack a puffer. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. Stroll into your meeting equipped to withstand the chill. Sure you may raise an eyebrow or two given that it’s mid-July and you’re wearing a winter coat, but haven’t you heard that confidence is key? Stride with pride and we’d bet you may just end up becoming a trendsetter. Pro tip: use the extra pockets to bring supplementary snacks for your coworkers. Note, ear muffs and mittens are not encouraged.

-Now, wearing the Kanda Puffer, our subject is able to face the harsh conference room conditions and fully participate in the planning meeting.

There you have it. You’re well on your way to becoming an AC survivalist.

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