Earth Day 2021:  Recycle Your Clothes with US

Earth Day 2021: Recycle Your Clothes with US

By Toni Smith, Head of Content Marketing


 Several shifts have taken place during this pandemic. Some would say there has been something of a cultural reset in the past year and a half. Being quarantined at home has forced many of us to slow down, take stock, and be incredibly introspective. We’ve spent time evaluating who we are, what and who we care about, and what we want out of life. During this time, many of us have made deep realizations about our personalities and how that manifests, outwardly. 

Our closets have mirrored many of these changes: Some of us may have sized up; some may have sized down. In deciding how we want to present ourselves to the world, some of us have re-evaluated our wardrobes entirely and decided that we are no longer reflected in the clothing we see there, and are now ready to replace what no longer serves us. 

This new normal has driven us to choose what is truly important and zero in on causes we care deeply about and that connect us with others. One of those causes is our impact on the environment and frankly, why would our views and consumption of fashion be any different? We see many brands that are doing sustainability right, and while Universal Standard may be at the beginning of our road to sustainability, we want to take you along on this journey with US. 

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Together, We Can Restore Our Earth” and at Universal Standard, we think fashion can help instead of hurt. We believe that fashion can be beautiful and socially conscious. No matter if the product is denim, loungewear, athleisure, or workwear, brands must realize that the consumer is conscious -- and we should be, too. 

One of the ways we’re working toward a sustainable future is with our RESET RECYCLE REFRESH program. This recycling program keeps in mind this collective consciousness, with the impact on our planet at the forefront. We want to make a positive impact, on both the fashion industry and on this world. To achieve this goal, we work with Marimole, a leader in the textile recycling game.

And this is where you come in. You can RESET your wardrobe with US! Send in 1 to 4 items you haven’t been wearing or that only lasted a few wears, and we’ll RECYCLE them with a little help from our friends at Marimole. Instead of letting your used clothes go into a landfill and contributing to the problem, we’ll work together to take in your recycled items and find ways for them to find new life as everyday necessities.

What’s in it for you, you ask? You’ll get rewarded with a wardrobe REFRESH. Based on the number of pieces you choose to send in, you can earn up to $100 to spend with US. So you can replace 1 to 4 items that no longer spark joy with pieces that are made with intention, that fit you right where you are, and that you and your best friends can all wear together - no matter your size. It’s one of those win-win-win situations, and we all could use a win these days. This Earth Day, no matter the clothing you’re swapping out, try our RESET RECYCLE REFRESH program. You’ll be supporting the environment, bringing Earth Day directly into your home, and working toward a world where fashion for All of Us includes this little blue marble that we all call home.