Denim Horoscope

Denim Horoscope

Distressed or solid? High or mid rise? Skinny or bootcut?

See how your denim style aligns with the stars this season…


AQUARIUS  January 20 - February 18

Denim Match: Distressed Blue Seine Jeans

Fair, open-minded, and community-oriented Aquarius. You care about FASHION FREEDOM for all, and when it comes down to denim, looking good comes with doing good. This season you will find yourself drawn to denim in the Fit Liberty collection. Ruled by the air element, you know that the wind of change can blow at any time... With the promise of a one-year size exchange, and the commitment to donate all gently-worn, returned pieces to organizations supporting women returning to the workforce, slipping into a pair of Seines will feel so good. Whether your friendly nature has you agreeing to move your bestie into their new digs, or you’re leading your neighborhood clean-up effort, we’ve got your back. Literally.

PISCES   February 19 - March 20

Denim Match: Distressed Black Seine Mid Rise Jeans

Pisces, you dream big. You’re wise, caring, and sensitive, constantly imagining the possibilities. You’re fueled by fantasy, so visualize the perfect pair of jeans and they will come. High-waisted or mid rise, distressed or solid, skinny or slightly flared, your match is here. Regardless of the style, fit will reign supreme for you. But be warned, you may attract more attention than your sensitive nature is used to, so feel free to take some reflective time to recharge and reenergize.


ARIES   March 21 - April 19

Denim Match: Dark Indigo Marne Bootcut Jeans

Courageous, confident, and enthusiastic, Aries is the pioneer and trailblazer. Not afraid to try something new, this season you’ll be the first to shop new denim styles. Whether you’re being bold in bootcuts, or making your mark in mid rises, you’ll be setting the denim standard and encouraging others to follow your lead. Yes, you’ll be the first, but you won’t be the last... Aries are known trendsetters who inspire everyone around them, so don’t be surprised if your signature style gets adopted by some of your friends. Comfort is key for you, Aries, so note the super stretchy denim that might have you reaching for the same pair over and over and over again.

TAURUS   April 20 - May 20

Denim Match: Meuse Resin Jeans

Taurus, you love the finer things in life, and who can blame you? You’re an earth sign, which makes you realistic, practical and grounded, but that doesn’t mean your tastes are. In fact, we’d venture to say that your idea of “laid back” involves a glass of champagne. Quality is important to you, Taurus, and that means your jeans should feel just as good as they look. The resin-coated collection is where you’ll find your denim match this season. Whether cropped, full-length, or split-front style, you’ll gravitate towards the tactile feel of the fabric and enjoy the luxe-looking sheen. You’re reliable and stable, so you’re likely to buy multiple pairs in the same fabrication. Don’t mess with a good thing!


GEMINI   May 21 - June 20

Denim Match: Solid Black Seine High Rise Skinny Jeans

Ruled by the dual sign of the twins, Geminis represent two personalities in one, which means versatility is the name of your game. You’re adaptable and quick, which means your denim better keep up with you. Solid black Seines will suit your style this season. Whether you’re running errands, running to work, or running late to date night, solid black denim is the solid choice you need to add a bit of consistency and calm to your frenetic day-to-day. They’re the perfect dress-up-dress-down style for every mood… and personality.


Denim Horoscope 1

CANCER   June 21 - July 22

Denim Match: Dark Indigo Seine Mid Rise Jeans

We feel you, Cancer, and you feel everything else... Compassionate, nurturing, and driven by feelings, Cancers will be dressing according to mood this season. We’re searching the stars for your denim future, but it’s a bit unclear. It’s hard to say whether your Monday denim style will align with your Thursday or Friday denim style, so your best bet is to prepare for any whim by diversifying. We trust your intuition will guide you well, wise Cancer. Go forth and shop.


LEO   July 23 - August 22

Denim Match: Red Bae Boyfriend Crops

You’re a natural born leader Leo. Creative, self-confident, and expressive, Leos inspire the rest of us with their “king of the jungle” demeanor. In other words, you don’t follow trends, you set them. You’re likely to be drawn to the untraditional, so this season you’ll be ahead of the curve with fiery red boyfriend crop jeans. You might be the first of your friend group to sport this style, so be prepared for a wave of admiration to come your way - nothing a strong Leo can’t handle, or isn’t used to already.  

VIRGO   August 23 - September 22

Denim Match: Dark Indigo Seine Jeans

Virgo, you're hardworking, practical, and meticulous. You’re ruled by the nurturing, orderly, and rule-abiding Virgin, which means your energy focuses on control and organization. Your methodical approach ensures that nothing is left to chance, including your denim. This season you’ll be making a list of all the denim that would work best in your collection - we’re predicting classic pairs like our dark indigos that you’ll get the most use of. It shouldn’t be too hard for you Virgo, we bet all your denim is already categorized by rise, wash, length, and frequency of wear.


LIBRA   September 23 - October 22

Denim Match: Distressed Blue Seine Mid Rise Jeans

Balance is your best friend, Libra. You seek peace, harmony, and fairness. Your denim match? The mid rise. Not too high, not too low… just balanced. Symbolized by the scales of justice, you’re all about FASHION FREEDOM - our mission for all, regardless of size, to have equal access to superior style, quality, and fit. We do have to warn you, dear Libra, the mid rise denim may invite jealousy and potentially theft amongst your friend group, but good news, you won’t mind sharing with your nearest & dearest! It’s in your nature.


SCORPIO   October 23 - November 21

Denim Match: Distressed Grey Logan 5 Pocket Vintage Jeans

Scorpio, you’re magnetic, passionate, trendsetting, and a little bit mysterious... Ruled by the all-powerful Scorpion, you’re continually transforming and reinventing yourself and your style. Distressed denim is in the stars for you this season. Just like you, they’re unique, a little dark, and completely seductive. Your bravery and trendsetting nature may even lead you to experimentation. Being determined and decisive, you may suddenly cut the hem off your jeand and turn them frayed. Trust your instincts. You may stumble onto the next big thing.


SAGITTARIUS  November 22 - December 21

Denim Match: White Seine Jeans

Where in the world are you, Sagittarius? You’re a constant adventurer and need your denim to match your lifestyle. Sagittarius energy manifests through enlightenment, travel and truth-seeking. Your open mind and love of freedom leads you to the great outdoors, so turn to denim that’s easy to wear, easy to pack, and easy to style. Consider a solid white if your upcoming trip takes you somewhere tropical, or turn your attention to distressed blue styles that have a natural broken-in quality, but still look polished - perfect for your next time backpacking through Europe.


CAPRICORN   December 22 - January 19

Denim Match: Solid Black Seine Bootcut Jeans

You’re a master planner, Capricorn. Responsibility, determination, and focus are your guideposts in life, and you display unparalleled resilience to reach your lofty goals. We see denim discipline in your future. Your closet is pristine, and you most likely have your denim picked out for every day of the week. If something doesn’t go according to your plan, don’t fear! We suggest having a backup of your favorite pair in case of emergencies - but you probably already thought of that...



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