Behind The Basic: Our Signature Tee

Behind The Basic: Our Signature Tee

It's a year-round staple, a casual cool essential, and a fan favorite. It's our signature tee. Designed for effortless style, engineered for ultimate comfort.

Behind The Basic: Our Signature Tee 1

"All I can say is WOW. Great quality, great service, nice and simple. Not bedazzeled, tie-dyed, tent shaped or butterflied? This is true love."- Lynne, US Customers

We Use The Best Cotton - Period.

We source & produce our tees in Peru. Why? That's where the best cotton in the world can be found.Peruvian cotton is shockingly soft, pilling resistant, colorfast, and has incredible bounce-back (that means it won't fade or stretch out after a couple of washes). We even added some elastane, so that it keeps it's shape.

We Thoughtfully Designed It Just For You.

It looks simple, but there's a lot more to it... We designed the tee with a few helpful devices that take it to the next level. Think stove pipe sleeves to eliminate excess fabric you don't need, a curved hem that sits perfectly on the hip, and a perfectly placed neckline.

Behind The Basic: Our Signature Tee 2

"It is amazingly soft and very well made. I have washed it several times and noticed no fading or shrinkage. It is also pretty wrinkle resistant. I am very impressed with the quality of Universal Standard."- Theresa, US Customer

They're simply the best, because that's what we think you deserve.