3 Years of US

3 Years of US

“We’re not done, not even close, but we’re thankful for how far we’ve come and we’re thankful to everyone who has helped turn us into US.”

By Alexandra Waldman & Polina Veksler

Three years ago we put up our first website and crossed our fingers. The idea seemed simple. Make better basics for all, elevate the essentials. We wanted to create access in a way that hasn’t been done before - with style, quality, and fit as our unwavering guideposts. We wanted to erase arbitrary lines of the past in favor of a future in which women, regardless of size, could shop from the same rack. We wanted the number on the label to be just that - a number - so we took away its meaning with Fit Liberty. We wanted to manifest Fashion Freedom in a way that saw all of US, as we are, right now.

Three years ago these were just ideas, a vision from two friends who wanted to build a brand they could both belong to. Today, we’re closer to that reality.

We’re not done, not even close, but we’re thankful for how far we’ve come and we’re thankful to everyone who has helped turn us into US.

To our wonderful, talented, hard-working colleagues...

Thank you for the long hours, the humor, and the patience. Thank you for the unique perspectives, and the voices you bring to the table every single day. Thank you for carrying furnishings up 22 flights of stairs, for coming in on weekends to finish projects, and working late into the night to make things ‘just so’. Thank you for answering emails at ungodly hours, and shining bright like diamonds in front of the camera as well as behind it. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your willingness to put your hand up, for your diligence, and for sharing your passion for exotic beers every Friday. You make US better in every possible way.

To our spouses, children, and significant others…

Thank you for putting up with our absences, for sharing our attention with our phones and computers. Thank you for your unwavering support and for Facetiming everyday we’re on trips away. Thank you for showing up to our events and for your public encouragement on social media. Thank you for watching the kids, for cooking meals, and walking dogs. Thank you for working alongside with us, hauling freight, and for building and dismantling popups. You are our rocks, our stars.

And finally, and most importantly, to our beautiful, diverse, awe-inspiring customers...

You are our very reason for being, the woman behind every thought, every attempt, every idea. You are the inspiration that makes all of us push and pull, and think, and imagine, strive, and innovate. We see you through the windows of social media, and through the beautiful letters you take the time to write. We see you in our showrooms and in our pop-ups, and we are in constant awe of your stories, imagination, determination, grace, awareness, strength, and beauty.

You are the reason we want to reset the industry. You are the reason we will continue to work and dream, create and innovate.

You are the reason there is an US.

With much love, and tremendous gratitude,

Alex & Polina

Signature: Alex and Polina