This is not maternity clothing. It’s a collection of clothing, curated in partnership with actress and soon-to-be mom Danielle Brooks, that you can wear anytime - when you’re pregnant, and when you’re not. Developed from the success of our core FIT LIBERTY program, FIT LIBERTY (MOM) allows you to buy for the size you are right now. When your size changes, well replace your clothes, in your new size - for free. FIT LIBERTY (MOM) gives you the freedom to change sizes without fear, anxiety, or added expense. We’ll have your back no matter what.

How it Works

We know that a pregnant woman’s style doesn’t change just because her size will, which is why FIT LIBERTY (MOM) eliminates the need for specialty, temporary clothing you may never wear again. Buy any piece in the FIT LIBERTY (MOM) collection in the size you are. When your size changes, we’ll exchange your pieces for your new size, for free.


“Universal Standard really does embrace you wherever you are. And they aren’t about pointing out any one part of your body and making it feel isolated. It’s not about how your thighs are getting bigger, or your stomach, or your stretch marks starting to show. It’s about focusing on you as a person, as you change, and giving you clothes to wear while you do it.” - DANIELLE BROOKS


“We believe your clothes should always fit, feel, and look good. And, women deserve to live their lives without feeling bullied by their size.”

- Alexandra Waldman, CoFounder & CEO

"The prospect of [FIT LIBERTY] sounded exciting for someone like me, who’s in between sizes and constantly trying to squeeze into Zara denim."

- The Cut

“... [FIT LIBERTY] allows shoppers to exchange any Universal Standard [FIT LIBERTY] garment purchased within a year for the same garment in a different size, the goal being to make shopping less about size (i.e., "I'll buy the smaller size as a reward for when I lose weight") and more about clothes that bring you joy”

- Fashionista

“... [FIT LIBERTY] encourages women to shop for who they currently see in the mirror without hesitation.”