Our Signature Tee
Our Signature Tee Our Signature Tee

Our Signature Tee

It’s the tee that’s engineered with precision, that proves Peruvian cotton is worth it, that’s a style staple for a reason. Now it’s the tee that brings US together.

All of US. As we are. Sizes 00-40.

How It Works

  1. Pick a Tee Rex in the size & color you want.
  2. Apply your unique code at checkout.
  3. Pay just $10 at checkout & get your tee in the mail!
Tee Rex - Slate
Tee Rex - Black
Tee Rex - White
Tee Rex - Berry
Tee Rex - Navy
Tee Rex - Olive
Tee Rex - Black Logo
Tee Rex - Chestnut/White Stripe
Tee Rex - Eggplant
Tee Rex - Mist/Teal Stripe
Tee Rex - Lavender Grey
Tee Rex - Deep Sea
Petite Tee Rex - Black
Petite Tee Rex - White
Petite Tee Rex - Navy
Petite Tee Rex - Slate