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2XL_30-32 New

All the latest and greatest from US. These are the brand new elevated essentials to add to your collection. Look out for new additions every week.


Denim Chore Jacket - Dark Indigo
Frida Satin Tiered Dress - Fig
Diane Satin Midi Bias Skirt - Constellation
Leeron Leather Moto Jacket - Black
Lace Satin Cami - Fig
Velvet Blazer - Black Cherry Velvet
Lace Satin Slip Dress - Fig
Double V Satin Jumpsuit - Fig
Lace Satin Cami - Black
Occasion Crepe Blouson Top - True Blue
Cloud Silk Turtleneck Sweater - True Blue
Renee Raglan Turtleneck - Lemon
Eden Twill Pull-On Pants Long - Mocha
Cloud Silk Turtleneck Sweater - Terracotta
Groove High-Low Pique Tunic - Camel
Cloud Silk Turtleneck Sweater - Dusty Rose
Spotlight Crepe Wrap Top - Berry
Anywhere Luxe Dress - Berry
Spotlight Crepe Wrap Top - True Blue
Cloud Silk Turtleneck Sweater - Caramel
Eva Long Sleeve Satin V Neck Blouse - Constellation
Shindig Satin Slip Dress - Constellation
Lace Satin Slip Dress - Black
Double V Satin Jumpsuit - Black
Spotlight Crepe Wrap Top - Black
Alice Satin Boatneck Top - Constellation
Anywhere Luxe Dress - Black
Iconic Geneva Dress - Black Velvet
Velvet Blazer - Black Velvet
Louise Long Sleeve Satin Blouse - Fig
Occasion Crepe Blouson Top - Black
Lynda Luxe Satin Pant - Constellation
Occasion Crepe Blouson Top - Berry
Lynda Luxe Satin Pant - Black
Refined Luxe Twill Sheath Dress - Royal Blue
Refined Luxe Twill Sheath Dress - Black
Bree Sweatshirt Dress - Ivy
Bree Sweatshirt Dress - Cinnamon
Elbe Shirt - White
Elbe Shirt - Deep Aquamarine
Elbe Shirt - Light Blue
Elbe Shirt - Black
Renee Raglan Turtleneck - Deep Rose
Luxe Cashmere Blend Hoodie - Navy
Eco Relaxed Core Sweater - Deep Rose
Eco Relaxed Core Sweater - Light Blue
Eco Everyday Sweater Dress - Light Blue
Fuzzy Perfect V Sweater - Charcoal