Universal Standard's Pick of the Month: The Kanda Puffer

Universal Standard's Pick of the Month: The Kanda Puffer

By : Amanda Richards

Peacoat and duffle enthusiasts may disagree with me, but no other outerwear trend has the staying power of the puffer.

The voluminous, quilted coat has been through literally dozens of life cycles since Eddie Bauer first introduced the concept in 1937, steadfast in its ability to make us feel like we’re wearing the fabric equivalent of a marshmallow. I still think about the matte red puffer Princess Diana wore on a ski trip in 1994, and I also enjoy an après ski puffer moment, emphasis on the après. In other words, I love the idea of a coat I can drink bourbon in outdoors, after having done absolutely no skiing at all.

It makes sense that the puffer would stay with us, keeping us warm winter after winter. Though the silhouettes and styles may change, it’s all about utility and function. It’s a coat with a purpose, and that’s why the Kanda Puffer is our Pick Of The Month for October 2019.

I’ll be honest: The weather in New York City has been unseasonably warm, and the first day I got to try on the Kanda was about 80 degrees (I actually shot one of these photos with no shirt on underneath the coat). Despite almost suffering a small heat stroke and having to avert the questioning eyes of concerned neighbors, trying on the Kanda made me want to wish the late summer temperatures away so I can wear it on a regular basis.

The fabric is a lightweight, water-resistant nylon stuffed with an ultra-warm down alternative. The silhouette — asymmetrical hem, diagonal zip, metal snaps and long tie — allow you to have a little bit of a fashion moment, even if you happen to out in the cold. It essentially takes all of the things you need in a puffer and adds a few details that you may actually want. In other words, this isn’t the stiff, heavy black puffer your mom forced you into as a kid — this is the warm jacket that also feels like an intentional statement, and it’s exactly the one I want to make this winter.

Now if the weather would only cool down...


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